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6231224 Cylinder kompletny
12MM sworzeń tłokowy

Zylindersatz Standard Grauguss JMT 12MM Kolbenbolzen
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6231224 Cylinder kompletny
12MM sworzeń tłokowy
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Attention, important:

for CPI motors 1PE40QMB / 1E40QMB with 12 mm piston studs


Air-cooled JMT cast iron cylinder without performance in top quality. The cylinder has the same technical data as the original cylinder, the scope of supply includes:


- Cylinders

- Pistons including piston rings and piston clips

- Seals


Cylinder head is not included, the old cylinder head can be used further .


In the Chinese 2-stroke engines, a new angular change in the exhaust gas flange occurred in 2009.

Please check before assembly exactly with the old cylinder whether the exhaust still can be installed.

Unfortunately an exact assignment via chassis numbers or years of construction is NOT possible.


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