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Koc grzewczy do opon Capit Suprema Spina niebieski
V.120/17 H.<=180/16-17´´

Reifenwärmer Suprema Spina blau V.120/17 H.<=180/55-17
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Koc grzewczy do opon Capit Suprema Spina niebieski
V.120/17 H.<=180/16-17´´
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CAPIT Suprema Spina for 120/17 inches at the front and 150 to 180 / 55-17 inches at the rear


- Colour blue


- Successor to the CAPIT Sport

- Longer outer walls

- Heat is insulated even better

- Perfect and even heating output

- Without thermostat *, therefore no temperature fluctuations

- The tire is heated to a maximum temperature of 85 ° C

- 40% more heating power compared to the competition

- Nylon bag included

- 230 volts / 400 watts maximum power consumption


CAPIT has been producing professional tire warmers since 1996, is a sponsor of Valentino Rossi and an official supplier to Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki. The products are the result of intensive tests and collaboration with racing teams.

* The heating wire consists of a nickel alloy whose resistance changes with increasing temperature. As soon as the maximum temperature of 85 degrees is reached, it is kept constant.

All other competitive products work with a conventional heating wire and require a thermostat, which leads to constant temperature fluctuations.