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Koc grzewczy do opon Capit Suprema Spina zielony
V.120/17 H.<=180/16-17´´

Reifenwärmer Suprema Spina grün V.120/17 H.<=180/55-17
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Koc grzewczy do opon Capit Suprema Spina zielony
V.120/17 H.<=180/16-17´´
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CAPIT Suprema Spina for 120/17 inches at the front and 150 to 180 / 55-17 inches at the rear


- Color green


- Successor to CAPIT Sport

- Longer outer walls

- Heat is insulated even better

- Perfect and even heating output

- Without thermostat *, therefore no temperature fluctuations

- The tire is heated to a maximum temperature of 85 ° C

- 40% more heating power compared to the competition

- Nylon bag included

- 230 volts


CAPIT has been producing professional tire warmers since 1996, is a sponsor of Valentino Rossi and an official supplier to Ducati, Yamaha and Suzuki. The products are the result of intensive testing and collaboration with racing teams.

* The heating wire consists of a nickel alloy, the resistance of which changes with increasing temperature. As soon as the maximum temperature of 85 degrees is reached, this is kept constant.

All other competitive products work with a conventional heating wire and require a thermostat, which leads to constant temperature fluctuations.